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What's new...

All the artwork 

So this weekend I've nearly completed the CD packaging and booklet art.  A couple small things left but nothing major.  This week, I will focus on getting new web images made for banners, ads, and all the social media platforms and online music stations.  With any time left over, I'll be starting some of the shooting some of the video for Fun House (what I can actually do here at the house) now so it won't be so much to do later. 

Album cover shoot complete. 

So we did the album cover shoot this weekend with photographer Victoria Shaffer.  Still will have to get a few random shots for the inner booklet art. But nearly there. Got a few good promo shots out of it too.  

Wednesday has Miguel coming to the studio to record his guitar part for Shall We Dance Tonight.  Excited to hear what he has in store for the song. 

Preparation for Video shoots. 

9 songs are now complete for the new album.  3 more are nearly done.  Unfortunately, I may be pushing out the release date now until February.  In the mean time however, I am preparing for 2 video shoots for upcoming songs, Fun House & 80's Love Song.  The logistics of doing two videos at once is kinda crazy but will be fun. The photoshoot for the album will in Sept 9th.  Not too far off.  Trying to take off as much weight as I can before then and then keep it off for the videos.