5th Album on CD release date June 18th on BandCamp!

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What's new...

Video shoot complete. Album 5 just a week away 

Had a great but long weekend shooting the video for 80's Love Song.  Amy Billharz is the Producer for this video and is doing a great job.  Only down side was that I was suffering from an ulcer all weekend but gave it my all the best I could.

On other news, the new album is only a week away now from releasing!  I've put out 4 clip Reels on various social media platforms.  Check them out if you haven't heard them yet. 

Busy with album release... 

Keeping busy by creating reels, updating streaming services, updating EPK, creating future ads to be run, etc… all the things one must do to prepare for a new album.  So many things to keep track of. Someday I will create a check off list so I won't have to keep these things in the braincells.  

CD's are here! 

I have set the release date for officially the 18th of June.  I have also just received copies of the CD from the manufacturer and they look amazing.  I'm so pleased with them.

Shooting of the video for 80's Love Song will be on June 9th. I have a real bonified director/producer for this one. 

Shooting of the video for Fun House is coming along but uncertain of it's completion date as of now.