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Getting ready for mastering and photoshoots. 

The album has now been mixed and is ready for mastering. Still working on one of the Re-Mixes on the Re-Mixes of Third Time Down (the song). Also starting to get photoshoots lined up. Posted a couple new photos here on this page as well as my Facebook page. I've started the CD booklets too but some of that will have to wait until the last photo shoot is done. 

Third Time Down album update 

So everyone still yet to record (including myself) are vaccinated now. yay. All the recordings are in with the exception of a single song. Will be getting that hopefully finished up soon then it is off to mastering. The release should come in the formats of both streaming and CD. Considering a 12" of the title song with a dance mix of a "Third Time Down" and a 45 -7" single for the song "The Storm Inside".  

Also, working on concepts not only for album artwork but for a couple videos as well.

So basically, still being really busy.  Stay tuned...

New Year 

Welcome everyone into 2021. I've been writing and recording new music. I have two albums nearly finished now.  I am waiting for vaccines to be given out  so that I can bring in several musicians into my home studio. I've been fortunate to share files with many players online, but a few still have to make an appearance here. So I wait. Plus, all the photography has been hold for the same reason. 

I have been getting some new gear for my studio in the mean time though: a Waldorf Blofeld, a Novation Bass Station II, and a Moog theremin.  

Recording and Website building during the Pandemic. 

Been keeping busy recording the new album, getting this website together, getting in touch with photographers for when we are able to play with each other again. One of the things I like best however is the creative process. Despite being isolated, the time in my home studio has been very productive. In some ways, it is prohibitive collaborating with others, but in others, it has given me the time without distraction to come up with some amazing new songs. I'm very excited about them. I hope you will be too.

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