Third Time Down, full-length 11 track album, will be released on December 3rd, 2021

Third Time Down - Remixed (CD Maxi Single), is out now!  This  contains 5 mixes of the title track, Third Time Down, and a re-recording of the song Only My Name Remains, from the the 2003 album, The First Loss.

What's new...

This Friday! 

New Album will be out this Friday!  So excited. Here's a sneak preview.

The single has been dropped! 

The Maxi Single for Third Time Down is out now!  This is the first track off the upcoming full length album. It is being streamed everywhere: Amazon, Apple Music, iHeart, Shazam, Spotify, YouTube, and BandCamp!  And many others too.  This Maxi single is out both on CD and for Digital Download.  Check out my BandCamp page that I just finished And setting up:

And please don't forget to Follow me while you are there. It would mean a lot.  Thanks!

One week to Single release 

Albums and all propaganda acquired. Distribution to DJ's and such has commenced. EPK has been completed. Getting ready for the single release in just about a week from now.