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Soft Cell tribute album is out now 

So I was asked by Coitus Interruptus Productions to do a cover song for their Soft Cell tribute album, "Bleak Is Our Favorite Cliché".  Seeing that all the great 80's songs had been already covered, I went with "Darker Times".  Both Marc Almond and Dave Ball have been inspirations of mine over the years so I thrilled to be included. Check out my track and all the other amazing bands.

The Album:

"Darker Times"

Working the next album 

The music for the next album has been sent out to the guitarists that will be on the album. I can't wait to hear the results. Also getting ideas and the shape of the album cover and such planned out.  Good things are coming.

The SoftCell tribute will be release on May 27th on BandCamp.  This will include my own cover of, "Darker Times".  I will be posting ad's for this in the next day or two on Social Media.  



New Cover single and next album news. 

That new SoftCell cover song I mentioned should be coming out pretty soon. Excited to see how it is received (especially since it's not one of their 80's hits). It was still fun to perform it though. 

In other news, I'm collaborating with Peter Jones and Greg Forschler once again from the last album, on a new album. Steve Knouse (a former band mate of mine in Faith & Disease) will be joining in on the fun as well on several songs. As it stands now, there will be 11 full-length new tracks and then 2 short instrumental pieces. 

I've been gathering all the materials for an album cover shoot as well. Getting excited to do that shoot (not booked yet). I must get on the treadmill for a while first.  ;-)