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What's new...

Now in manufacuring. 

My 4th Johnny Forlorn album, Calling the Quarters, is now in manufacturing. Whew! I'm hoping to set a release date soon. Actually, it will probably be really close to one year from last years release date. This will once again be a combo CD and digital album. 

The new cover, "Where Evil Grows", is out!  

My new cover song and digital single for, "Where Evil Grows", (originally by the Poppy Family in 1971) is now out and streaming everywhere.  This was a fun song to do and has two of my favorite guitar slinging buddies on it, Greg Forschler and Steven Knouse.  You can also own your own digital copy of it through Band Camp! Make sure to click the link above.  Hope you all enjoy it and let me know.  

Summer Progress. 

Just over a week to the release of, "Where Evil Grows". Really looking forward to this. I've created a 30 second promo video ad that will be slung around the web shortly. 

Also, nearly complete with yet another cover for Coitus Interruptus Productions. This time a Love Spit Love song, "It Hurts When I Laugh". I've taken a Richard Butler song and made it synth pop. 🤪  Still debating if it needs guitar or if I should leave it all synths. You know, just because. 

Mastering for the new album is happening on this Friday with Chris Hanzsek once again. Spending the day there to learn and help when I can.  I need 1 more photoshoot finished before I have all the artwork I need for the cd packaging. That too is coming along nicely.  

Overall, feeling very productive.  I like the timelines and progress I've been making this summer.