Johnny Forlorn
Release Year Title Format Label
9/6/2022 "Where Evil Grows - (Poppy Family cover)" Digital Single Independent
5/27/2022 "Darker Times - (SoftCell cover)" Digital Single Coitus Interruptus Productions
3/7/2022 "Go Home, Putin" Digital Single Independent
12/2/2021 Third Time Down Full-Length CD Independent
11/17/2021 Third Time Down - Remixed CD Maxi Single Independent
2020 "The Badlands" Digital Single Independent
2006 Another Round, Please Full-Length CD Tragick Records
2003 The First Loss Full-Length CD Tragick Records

Shadow Light
Release Year Title Format Label
1999 Hello Darkness Full-Length CD Tragick Records
1998 "Raw!" - on A Tragick Records Compilation Single Tragick Records
1996 Within the Shadow Light Full-Length CD Ivy Records
1995 "The Eternal" - Ceremonial: A Tribute to Joy Division Single Mere Mortal Records

Faith & Disease
Release Year Title Format Label
2003 Passport to Kunming Full-Length CD Projekt Records
2000 Beneath the Trees Full-Length CD Projekt Records
1999 Lamentations: A Collection Full-Length CD Ivy Records
1998 Insularia Full-Length CD Ivy Records
1995 Live Songs: Third Body Full-Length CD Ivy Records
1994 Beauty & Bitterness Full-Length CD Ivy Records
1993 "Voltaire's Valerie"/ "Igloo" 7" Vinyl Siren Song

Prayers for the Raven
Release Year Title Format Label
1994 The Benediction Full-Length CD unreleased
1990 Sacred Ground Full-Length CD Wing and a Prayer Records
1989 A Cold Refrain 6 song Cassette Demo Independent