From the recording Another Round, Please


Here in Seattle where the skies are so gray
I drown my poor sorrows each and every day
with ale that they brew at the pub by the shore,
I leave my poor troubles with each one that they pour.

One day, I had found while returning to work
the man I called boss had lost his ole smirk.
I asked him, "Hey boss, can ya tell me what's wrong?"
He said, "Can't you see that our company's gone?
The economy's bad and our loans are now due.
Without clients you see there's not much we can do."
So sadly he says, "We just cannot pay
when the government takes our jobs away?"

One day I had found upon returning to home
the woman I called wife was sitting alone,
I aske her, "My wife! Can you tell me what's wrong?"
She said, "Can't you see that our furnitures gone?"
Well the loan man had come and took what I had.
he left me with little but a wife that was mad.
So I called him and asked him how I was to pay
when the government takes our jobs away?"

So I headed downtown to apply for U.I.
'cause it wasn't my fault to be left high and dry.
When I got there I asked him how much did I have?
He said, "'Bout three months" and that I should be glad.
Well when I got home my wife she was there.
I told her we'd have a least three months to spare.
She said, "We should go out and drink to the day,
before they are taking that too away."