From the recording Another Round, Please


Your letter arrived in the mail today.
I've been thinking how I should respond.
There were so many things that you had to say
but for me life just goes on.

It rains here my dear nine months of a year,
I'm afraid it's raining again.
So I come in here where they give me a beer
and left hang out with my friends.

Your children are growing and you've been saving
for a vacation that you so deserve.
You gotta promotion and now you're making
more money than the Federal Reserve.


You say that you're lonely and you've a story
that explains how you've been cheated upon
You cannot handle the stress or the worry
and you wonder how you go on.


Now finally you're trying a different religion
and you're freer than you've been before.
Well it sounds so hectic and just a smidgeon
like you don't know what it's all for.

I hope that you'll find everythinng you need
and it all works out in the end.
But I'll still be here, nursing my beer
and hanging out with my friends.