From the recording Another Round, Please


When was the last time you went out?
Tell me where's the time gone?
We were drinking and laughing
and dancing until dawn.
Oh Angie, dear you're with child now
Your life's turned upside down.
No longer are you drinking
no longer do you come around.

Angie, oh Angie my friend
when does our youth give way?
Angie, oh Angie I will
remember yesterday.

When did the world change so much?
A mother you'll soon be.
That sarcastic smile that lit those eyes
has changed now don't ya see?
I still recall your youthful gaze
as you looked out o'er the sea.
Those dreams are gone but not forgot
just changed now don't ya see?


You bought a home and found a man
a husband to care for you.
But I still recall a different life
that took a different view.
I see you're happy and that's a fact
so I won't argue.
But tonight I'll lift a pint my friend
in a toast from me to you.

The times they are a changing
and I miss you here today.
The good times we once shared
are now gone with yesterday.