1. Hometown

From the recording Another Round, Please


(Well now) Many years ago
I took off from my home
to see the world outside
and to make it on my own.
Well 20 years since then
have come now and they've gone.
There's been times that I've wondered
if this is where I belonged?

So let's raise a pint, friend
Yeah, let's raise a glass
to whatever town that you hail from
to where ever that you long to go back.

I've had my share of fun
yeah, the good times have been great.
All the ladies that I've met
(and the ones I chose to date)
But the bad times have been bad.
Yeah, some debts must be paid.
I never will stop learning
from all, all my mistakes.


And as I grow older
my family passes away
and as my friends get older
with their hair turning to gray...
I find myself longing
to the town where I grew,
to when happiness was
just my friends, family, and youth.