1. Evelyn

From the recording The First Loss


I once knew a quite beautiful girl.
She held the world in the palm of her hand.
Gently, they would speak of her name,
'cause sorrow she could just not understand.

Evelyn, where did you go run from your storms?
When the rains came, you became so lost and forlorn.
Evelyn, tell me now, where was there to go?
You were so lost in that lullaby alone.

She said no one could find her out there.
She said she could not fight her despair.
She thought comething inside her would die.
So I left her, left her to say her goodbyes.


So time flies and soon the memories fade.
Oh Evelyn, when will you come home to stay?
Tell us now how it was that you became saved?
And tell us now
that you have come hone this day... to stay.