From the recording The First Loss


I met this man who had the fire down inside.
He told me about his demons that he fought throughout his life.
Oh, how twisted it becomes when I think back upon it
He had looked me in the eyes and spoke the truth now I know it.

He said, "The devil's lying inside.
The devil is here now & alive.
I've looked him square in his eyes...
the devil's lying inside."

I felt the pain he spoke for I've lived it just the same.
So we poured another drink and swore we'd make him pay.
Many times have I belived Ole Nick had come for me
tempting with the finer things that I have come to need.


I listend to his story and one of woe is surely was.
But I told him, "My good fella... ain't no use, he does what he does."
He slowly shook his head as he got up from the chair.
He looked me up and down then said, "I know longer think I care."


We'll no sooner had he left then tires screeched outside the bar.
I found him lying on the ground. He'd been hit by a fancy little car.
He said, "Well my time has come to know where I'm gong to be.
Going up to that heavenly place or down in that fiery sea."